The inside of a bamboo tree plantation at Las Terrazas in Cuba.

The lucky Pelican

A Caribbean Brown Pelican is resting, after many strikes onto a shoal of fish . He is literally floating on his dinner of Masbangoes. These are the pretty things that I can see everyday by iiving in a small Caribbean island. Shot taken in Bonaire.

Night shift

Night shift Shoal of Masbangoes moving toward the drop off of the reef at sunset after have spent the day on feeding in the shallow waters. Bonaire island.

Cave's Sunset

Sunset from a wet cave in Bonaire.

Two worlds and the Barracuda

Overunder image. A great Barracuda entered the frame just in time to be captured at the last second. The shot I've planned was a plain overunder...but the ocean always surprise me!

The overunder

An overunder image showing two worlds at ones. As an evolute animal of the "top side" world a human been entered the "underwater" one to explore it with his gears.

Nuvole di mare

Water at different stages: a perfect artistic inspiration.

Scad in the shallow

A shoal of Scad in the shallow water of Bonaire.

Tarpons at Captain Don's jetty

Tarpons at Captain Don's Jetty. Bonaire


Sea Whip Coral. Bonaire


Staghorn coral at Klein Bonaire.


Ocean and Sky meet together at the most romantic moment of the day.

Cactus line

Cactus at sunset in Bonaire.

Eterna passione

When the sun goes down on the sea is always a magic moment. One day ends and another begins.

Bonarian sunset

A ordinary sunset on Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean.


Sunset on from Bachelor Beach. Bonaire

Vista Blue - Bonaire

Vista Blue - Bonaire

New year's eve 2013

Fireworks at Bonaire, new year eve. Bonaire

Divers in deco

A group of divers at the deco stop.

Rope Sponge

In the Caribbean sea there are many species of sponges; the Rope Sponges are one of the most spectacular. This picture was taken on Bonaire.


A circular bubble made by me.

Flamingo run

Flamingos in the salina. Bonaire.

Intenso Blu

A daylight view from Te-amo Beach. Bonaire.

Moonlight on the cliff

Full moon rising on Bonaire's east coast cliff.

Sunset at Vista Blue

A long exposure sunset from Vista Blue, Bonaire.

Sunset splash

Sunset at Vista Blue Bonaire.

The cliff's hole

Low tide at Vista Blue, Bonaire.

End of the day

Long exposure at sunset in Bonaire.

Sunset at Secret spot

A 10 seconds exposure Sunset at Secret spot, Bonaire.

Cliff Aruba

Cliff at Aruba

Barryl's reef

Sunset at Barryl's reef, Bonaire.

Palm art

A classic tropical shot!

Man of coral

Man of coral at Barryl's reef, Bonaire at sunset.

Sunset at Pink beach

Sunset at Pink beach, Bonaire.

Pelican's free fall

A hunting caribbean pelican, Bonaire.

Cloudy sky above the sea

Clouds above the sea. Overunder captured in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean.

The tiger grouper

A Tiger grouper rests with his mouth wide open to let a little cleaner fish to do his job. Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean.

The Cow fish

A Cow fish approaching the lens. Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean.

The shore break

A breaking wave on a sandy shore. Bonaire.

Calm & Rough

Overunder image at sunset at Bonaire's East Coast. This shot was possible because of the lack of wind that day. I was lying in a natural pool covered by algae at low tide waiting for the splashing waves hitting the cliff.

Tarpon under the shade

A big Tarpon waits in the shade of a jetty. Bonaire.


Underwater Watch.

Restless sea

Restless sea at the East coast gap. Bonaire.

Green turtle black

A green turtle gets close to the lens.

La Tortuga

Hawksbil seaturtle at night. Bonaire.

Underwater glimpse

Overunder photo. Corals and shore in the dusk. Aquarius, Bonaire.

Sardine's ball

School of sardines at night. Bonaire.


A school of Catfish. Mauritius.

King Red Hummingbird

Tropical King Red Hummingbird in pause.

Staghorn solitary

Below the surface photograph of a small solitary Staghorn coral in Lac Cai, Bonaire.

overunder free

A freediver in her playground: the ocean. Shot in the shallow water of Bonaire, Neterland Antilles.