Lorenzo Mittiga

Split over under image of an healty stug coral "garden" in Lac Bai, Bonaire. Sunset from a wet cave in Bonaire. Overunder image. A great Barracuda entered the frame just in time to be captured at the last second. The shot I've planned was a plain overunder...but the ocean always surprise me! Water at different stages: a perfect  artistic inspiration. Staghorn coral at Klein Bonaire. When the sun goes down on the sea is always a magic moment. One day ends and another begins. Cactus at sunset in Bonaire. Tarpons at Captain Don's Jetty. Bonaire Sunset on from Bachelor Beach. Bonaire Sea Whip Coral. Bonaire Vista Blue - Bonaire Fireworks at Bonaire, new year eve. Bonaire A  group of divers at the deco stop. In the Caribbean sea there are many species of sponges; the Rope Sponges are one of the most spectacular. This picture was taken on Bonaire. A circular bubble made by me. A ordinary sunset on Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. A shoal of Scad in the shallow water of Bonaire. Flamingos in the salina. Bonaire. A daylight view from Te-amo Beach. Bonaire. Full moon rising on Bonaire's east coast cliff. Lorenzo Mittiga on 500px